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Configure samba server

Configure samba server

In this example we will configure a samba server and will transfer files from client side.For this example we are using two systems one linux server one window clients.

per quest of samba server

A linux server with ip address and hostname Server
A window client with ip address and hostname Client2
Updated /etc/hosts file on linux system
Running portmap and xinetd services
Firewall should be off on server

We have configured all these steps in our pervious article.

necessary configuration for samba server

We suggest you to review that article before start configuration of samba server. Once you have completed the necessary steps follow this guide.

samba rpm is required to configure samba server. check them if not found then install
rpm for samba server

Now check smb, portmap, xinetd service in system service it should be on

Select System service from list

Now restart xinetd and portmap and smb service
service restart
To keep on these services after reboot on then via chkconfig command
After reboot verify their status. It must be in running condition
service status

Create a normal user named vinita

now create /data directory and grant it full permission

open /etc/samba/smb.conf main samba configuration files
vi smb.conf
By default name of workgroup is MYGROUP in smb.conf file. you can change it with desire name
workgroup tag
our task is to share data folder for vinita user so go in the end of file and do editing as shown here in this image
share data folder in smb.conf
save file with :wq and exit

Now add vinita user to samba user
we have made necessary change now on smb service and check it status
service smb status
if you already have on this service then restart it with service smb restart commands.
Client configuration for samba server

Go on windows system and ping samba server, change computer name to client2 and workgroup name to MYGROUP
my computer properties
reboot system after changing workgroup name

After reboot open my network place here you can see samba server [ if not see then click on view workgroup computer in right pane, if still not see then use search button from tool bar and search computer samba server form ip ]
samba server in my network place
First try to login from user nikita she will not successes as nikita have not permission to login
user nikita deny
Now login from user vinita [ give the password which you set with smbpasswd command ]

user vinita

As you can see in image user vinita gets the /data folder which we share from samba server
data folder on widow
Copy some window files in data folder
copy in data folder
Check status on samba server

on samba server you can check runtime status of samba server to check it run smbstatus command
in output you see that one samba shared directory is used on window system

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